Laddie McTerrier is the younger brother of Lassie McTerrier.

Laddie McTerrier
Laddie McTerrier
Laddie, Lassie's younger brother


6 dog years old


His family, painting


The Stoneheart Family


Lassie McTerrier(Older sister)
Crystal(Secret crush)
Scottie and Shannon(Parents)


Laddie McTerrier is a small scottish terrier puppy with gray fur, green eyes, dark hair, and white feet. He wears a red sweater, red and green checkered bandana, aqua green pants, and a red beret with a green feather in it. He also has small facial hair and bushy ears. He is smaller than Whopper.


Laddie McTerrier is playful, energetic, and slightly immature, which is why Frost Bite has a strong dislike against him. He has a special bond towards his older sister and parents. Like his family, Laddie has high intelligence, but he isn't very brave. He is good friends with Gordon and Sapphire and enjoys watching their show. He has a strong dislike against the Stoneheart family. His favorite activity is painting. He has a secret crush on Crystal.


Laddie is a talented painted and can play the clarinet.


Laddie McTerrier is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Like his sister, he hails from Glasgow, Scotland.

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