Korat Masterson is a former member of the Long Claws who joined the Pound Purries.

Korat Masterson
Korat the adventurous Long Claw


19 human years old
16 Human years old(Three years ago)


Ming, Adventures


His old life


Ming(Love Interest)
Whopper, Igor, and Short Tail(Friends)


Korat Masterson is a korat with blue gray fur and green eyes. He wears a red shirt, a red derby with a black stripe, and green pants. He also has red hair and a pink nose. After three years, Korat started wearing a red cape.


Korat is adventurous and fun-loving. He is good friends with Igor, Whopper, and Short Tail. He regrets his old life and has a crush on Ming. Korat speaks with a Brooklyn accent.


Korat is a good trumpet player. He is also an expert at boxing.


Korat Masterson is a fan made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and Magic-is-cute.

Korat hails from Brooklyn, New York.

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