Kojiro is a samurai dog who hails from a famous clan.

Kojiro of the Kawasaki clan


23 dog years old
20 dog years old(Three years ago)


His kokyu, poems


Evil, rivalry


Ryoma and Ryu(Heroes)


Kojiro is a Hokkaido dog with light brown fur. He wears red samurai armor under his green kimono with Apple designs, a samurai helmet with horns on it, and an orange belt. He also has brown eyes, long, dark hair, and keeps his long-bladed sword in a white sheath. Kojiro is the same height as Antonio. After three years, Kojiro wears a yellow headband, red wristbands and grew sharp claws on his toes.


Kojiro is tranquil, silent, and gentle. He likes to spend his time writing poems and playing his kokyu. He never lashes out, but he is not afraid of rushing in to save his friends. He is good friends with Momo, Twitchy, and Cooler. Kojiro is a fan of Ryoma and Ryu. He is indifferent towards Dumbo. Kojiro has a crush on Ginnie. His favorite food is apple dumplings. He eventually married Ginnie.


Kojiro is an expert swordsman and his sword is strong enough to cut a large mountain into two. He can also play the kokyu. He is also an expert at judo.


Kojiro is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Kojiro hails from Sapporo, Japan.

His full name is Kojiro Kawasaki and Kojiro is the descendant of the famous Kawasaki clan, a group of samurai dogs.

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