Klaude is the youngest brother of Katrina Stoneheart.

Klaude Stoneheart
Klaude Stoneheart
Klaude, Katrina's baby brother


37 years old


Fishing, his spear


Being picked on by his older siblings.


Kactus Jack Stoneheart(Older brother)
Calico Stoneheart(Older brother)
Katrina Stoneheart(Older Sister)
Karl Stoneheart(Older brother)
Kaptain Kid Stoneheart(Boss and nephew)


Klaude Stoneheart is a middle-aged man with short red hair, a thin, curly mustache, and red eyebrows. He wears a green vest, green pants, a black shoe, and a red bow tie. He also has a small round nose and is usually seen carrying a spear. He also has a wooden leg and a scar on his right eye. Despite his age, he looks like he is in his late-twenties.


Klaude Stoneheart is sneaky and cunning. He usually follows orders from Kaptain Kid Stoneheaert and his older siblings. He doesn't like to be picked on. He is the childish member out of all Katrina's siblings.


While he uses his spear as a walking stick, Klaude also uses it as a weapon.


Klaude Stoneheart is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

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