Kisa is a former villain who now works for the Pound Puppies.

New Kisa
Kisa, former double agent for Kaptain Kid


20 dog years old
17 dog years old(Three years ago)


Baseball, Pencil, TJ, the Carmen overture


The Stoneheart Six, child beauty pageants


Kaptain Kid Stoneheart(Former Master)
TJ Rigs(Former Owner)
Tony Rigs(Owner)

Full Name

Kisa May

First Appearance

Kisa the Danger Dog


Kisa is an American Water Spaniel with brown fur and bushy ears. She wears a pink dress and red leg warmers. She also has Orange hair. She is the same height as Nose Marie. She wore a black and red striped one piece jumpsuit, red gloves, and had sharp claws on her toes. After three years, Kisa started wearing red and black striped pants and dyed her hair red. She also started to grow sharp claws on her toes.


When Kisa was a double agent for Kaptain Kid, she was seductive, cruel, and obedient. However, when she joined the Pound Puppies, she regretted her life as a double agent. She became compassionate, sympathetic, and pure-hearted. She is good friends with Cooler and TJ. She also loves participating in sports.

She is indifferent towards Dumbo. Kisa is very playful and loves to play board games. She also loves to play with toy balls. She forms a special bond with TJ. She also has a crush on Pencil. She also has a strong dislike against child beauty pageants. Like Pencil, she loves listening to the Carmen overture. After TJ left, Kisa went into a depression, but was later consulted that Kisa still has her adopted brothers and sisters and Elaine.


Kisa is an expert at judo, capoeira, and karate. She is also a good baseball player. She can also play the bongos. She uses a katana and nunchucks as weapons. Kisa can also swim. She is also a graceful dancer whenever she hears the Carmen overture and dances alongside Pencil. She has great flexibility.


Kisa is a fan-made character created by Magic-is-cute and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Her full name is Kisa May.

Her hairstyle was inspired by Nose Marie's hairstyle during the second season of the TV series.

Kisa was born in Chicago Ridge, Illinois and grew up in Chicago Ridge, Illinois.


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