King is a one-time character who appeared in Cooler, Come Back.

King, as seen in Cooler, Come Back

Presumed Age

17 dog years old(2.4 human years old)


Carolyn, Cooler


Losing a friend, humans(formerly)



Cooler(Good friend)

Voice Actor

Rob Paulsen


No-Name(By Cooler)

Appeared In

Cooler, Come Back


King is an Austrian Pinscher/Austrailian Terrier mix with gray fur, pointed ears, and a long tail with a white tip on his tail. He only wears a green dog collar. He is the same height as Cooler.


The first time Cooler met King, King was stubborn and unfriendly. He also didn't trust humans. Whenever a puppy gets adopted from cage one, King often scolds Cooler because he thinks that Cooler will foul up his escape. After King was rescued from a hole in a fence by Cooler, King had a change of heart. He also cared about Cooler when Cooler was about to be taken away. Fortunately, Cooler was spared and King was happy to see him again.


Cooler and King<Cooler, Come Back>

King first met Cooler at an alley. After they introduce each other, Cooler and King were taken to an animal shelter. As Cooler was able to save other dogs when they were in cage 1, it was Cooler's turn to be in cage 1. After Cooler saves King's life, King caught Carolyn's attention and tells her via Puppy Power to adopt Cooler. Cooler was then saved and reunited with Holly. Meanwhile, King is adopted by Carolyn.

King and Cooler

King with Cooler.

King and Carolyn

King with Carolyn.


King, since his heart is now pure, inherited Puppy Power from Cooler, as he was seen talking to Carolyn.


Rob Paulsen, who provided the uncredited voice of King, was known as the voice of Yakko Warner in the 1990's TV Series, Animaniacs, Pinky on Pinky and the Brain, Raphael on the 1987 series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Peck the Rooster on Barnyard and Back Barnyard.

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