Kimmy is the eldest daughter and third child of Jayden and Debra.

Kimmy 3 Years Later
"Kimmy the comedic pup"


6 dog years old
3 dog years old(0.4 human years old)(Three years ago)


Having fun, good, clean jokes, her brothers


Crude jokes, those with no sense of humor


Denny(Older brother)
Zachary(Older brother)
Janice(Younger sister)
Igor(Best Friend)
Yao(Best Friend)



Kimmy three years ago

Kimmy is a Shibua Inu/Australian Shepherd mix with black fur and light brown hair. She wears a pink shirt with a smiling, comedy mask on it, a magenta skirt and white and yellow striped leg warmers. She also has small eyelashes. After three years, Kimmy started wearing a pink baseball cap and yellow and white striped pants.


Kimmy is the comedian of the family. She is always coming up with a good joke or pun to lighten tense moods. Nothing makes her happier than seeing others laugh and smile. However, she is considerate and won't prank or make a crude joke at sensitive people, replying with "Even a comedian should know their limits.". She loves her brothers, but still enjoys teasing them. Like Cooler and Dumbo, Kimmy has a goofy laugh. She also speaks with a Scottish accent. She is good friends with Igor and Yao.


Kimmy is left-handed. Because of her sense of humor, she can come up with a very funny joke. She can also do a handstand for two hours.


Kimmy is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and Disneydude15.

Her full name is Kimmy McPherson.

She was born on June 12th.

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