Kendall is a member of the Order of the Cattails.

New Kendall
"Kendall, the candle maker"


33 human years old
28 human years old(Five years ago)


Making candles, scrambled eggs


Chocolate cake


Romero, Jade, Emerald, Androy, Pearl, San-Chan, Suda, and Wilma(Friends)
Sabrina(Best Friend)


June 25th, 1983

Full name

Kendall John Callahan


Kendall's Battle Pose

Kendall's battle pose

Kendall is a tall Siberian cat with brown fur, brown ears and tan feet. He wears a red shirt, yellow swimming trunks and wears a large candle holder for a hat with a lit wax candle on it. He also has blue eyes. He is a few centimeters shorter than Marcus. 


Kendall loves making candles. He is good friends with Sabrina. He has a strong dislike against chocolate foods, especially chocolate cake. He is very diligent and speaks with a Brooklyn accent. His favorite food is scrambled eggs and ham. He isn't interested in romance. Whenever Kendall is easily angered, the fire on his candle hat grows.


Kendall uses a wax sword as a weapon. He can also sing and play his custom-made wax violin. Kendall is an expert at making wax candles and wax figures.



Kendall is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and CartoonLover.

He hails from Ithaca, New York.

His full name is Kendall John Callahan.

His birthdate s June 25th, 1983.

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