Kactus Jack is the oldest brother of Katrina Stoneheart.

Kactus Jack Stoneheart
Kactus Jack Stoneheart
Kactus Jack, gunslinger of the Stoneheart Six.


52 years old(Deceased age)


Eating tacos


Western films


Katrina Stoneheart(Younger sister) Calico Stoneheart(Younger brother)
Karl Stoneheart(Younger brother)
Klaude Stoneheart(Youngest brother) Konrad Stoneheart(Comrade)
Brutus Stoneheart(nephew)
Brattina Stoneheart(niece)
Kaptain Kid Stoneheart(nephew)
Long Claws(Former pets)
Karol Stoneheart(Cousin)


Kactus Jack is an eldery man with short, red hair, red eyebrows, a crooked nose, and wrinkles on his face. He wears a green vest with yellow buttons, a green ten gallon hat, a black belt, green pants, black shoes, and a plaid scarf.


Kactus Jack is silent, sinister, and calculated. Despite the fact that he is dressed like a cowboy, Kactus Jack despises Western films. Like most of his family members, he is deeply afraid of Kaptain Kid Stoneheart. His favorite food is tacos.


Kactus Jack's Demise

After Kactus Jack failed to get rid of the Long Claws, he was killed by his own nephew after getting poisoned by DM13.


While Kactus Jack uses laser pistols, he is also skilled with a machete.


Kactus Jack is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

He is the twelfth fan-made character to die. He is also the fourth fan-made villain to die.

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