Judy is Captain Canine's sidekick and little sister.

New Judy
"Judy, Captain Canine's sister"


19 dog years old
16 dog years old(2.3 human years old)(Three years ago)


Her brother, justice, reading




Captain Canine(Older brother)
Tandy(Good friend)
Gordon(Good friend)
Glen(Good friend)
Gwen(Good friend)
Dana(Good friend)
Moon Spark(Good Friend)
Pyro, Freezer, Denki, Kaze, and Terra Cotta(Friends)
Nisshoku(Good Friend)
Sombra(Good Friend)
Ghas and Mizu(Good Friends)
Stellar and Sonar(Good friends)
Tempo and Ernst(Good friends)
Ferro(Good friend)

First Appearance

The Captain Canine Caper

Full Name

Judith Dane


December 1st, 1996


Judy is a Beagle with white fur, short blond hair and brown ears. She wears a pink shirt with a heart shape design. The heart has a purple "J" on it. She also wears a purple skirt, a pink cape, and a black eye mask with a heart on it. After three years, Judy started wearing purple pants and pink socks with holes for her toes. Her casual clothes consist of a pink sailor school uniform and a brown bow. She is the same height as Nose Marie.


Judy is intelligent. Like Captain Canine, she is passionate for justice. Judy also cares for her older brother. Judy has a soft, sweet voice with a hint of an Australian accent. She also loves to read.


Judy is an expert in Martial Arts and technology. Like Captain Canine, she is also a talented singer. Her main weapon is her yo-yo that emits lasers. She is second in command of Captain Canine's group and earns the title of the Chief Cadet of the Puppy Cadets.



Judy is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

According to her accent, Judy and her brother, Captain Canine, were born in Melbourne, Austrailia and grew up in Poundsville, although Captain Canine does not speak in a Austrailian accent.

Her full name is Judith Debra Dane.

Her birthdate was December 1st, 1996.

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