Joshua Rigs was the youngest member of the The Rigs Brothers.

Joshua Rigs
Joshua 3 years later
Joshua Rigs, the former drummer of the group


12 years old
9 years old(Three years ago)


Playing the drums, his family, puppies


Arguments, his sickness


TJ Rigs(Older brother)
Annette Rigs(Older sister)
Tony Rigs(Older brother)
Ricky Rigs(Older brother)
Elaine(Foster sister)
Horatio and Irene Vanderfeller(Godparents) Deceased parents


Josh(By his brothers)

First Appearance

Howler's Got the Boy Band Blues


Joshua Rigs

Joshua three years ago

Joshua was a young boy with neatly combed dark hair. He wore a green jacket with white sleeves and the letter "J" on it, black pants, and black sneakers. Joshua is also the same height as Bright Eyes. After three years, Joshua started wearing a green baseball cap and a black cloak. He also became taller than Igor.


Joshua was easy-going and friendly toward others. He gets along with all of his siblings and is a good friend of the Pound Puppies. Joshua was crushed when he found he was HIV-positive and is fighting the disease to this day. While at New Mexico, Joshua spends his time studying.

Joshua is very understanding and the one of the most reasonable brothers. He forgave the person who gave HIV contaminated blood as he understood the donor was unaware he carried the disease and it was because of a computing error that he got the bad blood, but he later learned that TJ sued the hospital for malpractice.


Despite his age, Joshua was a good drum-player.


Joshua is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

After accidentally becoming infected with HIV, Joshua left the pound to study at New Mexico, but he often stops by to visit. He also works in a New Mexico hardware store.

Joshua is the first and only fan-made character to fight a disease.

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