Jelly Bean is a kitten who dreams of being a famous dancer. 

Jelly Bean
New Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean, the future ballerina


14 Human years old
11 human years old(Three years ago)


Dancing, Singing, Casey, Billy the Kitten




Casey(Best friend)
Whopper(Best friend)
Momo(Adopted brother)
Camille(Adopted sister)
Cookie(Adopted brother)
Cupcake(Adopted sister)
Billy the Kitten(Love Interest)
Glimmer(Adopted Sister)
Jeanie Purrington(Older cousin)
Pamela and Pancho(Adopted Brother and Sister)
Anita(Adopted Sister)
Wendy(Adopted Sister)
Winter Mist(Adopted sister)

Full Name

Jelly Bean Purrington


September 19th, 2001


Jelly Bean is a small American Shorthair kitten with gray fur, white paws, and a pink nose. She wears a pink ballerina outfit and a magenta bow in her hair. She is the same height as Whopper. Jelly Bean also keeps her blond hair in a ponytail and blue eyes. After three years, Jelly Bean's hair grew longer and she started to wear a red shirt under her ballerina outfit.


Jelly Bean is a smart, kind, and loyal Pound Purry, but can be stubborn at times. Like Whopper, she tell tall tales about herself, most of them being about her being a famous Hollywood actress. She is a member of the Pound Purries and friends with the Pound Puppies. Jelly Bean looks up to Elaine and Marcus as role models. She is also indifferent with Dumbo. Jelly Bean has a crush on Billy the Kitten. She loves watching Gordon and Sapphire's show and the movies that Jeanie stars in.


She is a talented dancer and violin player. She is also flexible, as in she can do a handstand while playing the violin with her feet. She is also very small and can sneak into tight places.


She is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute.

Her full name is Jelly Bean Purrington.

Her birthday is September 19th, 2001.


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