Jeanie Purrington is Jelly Bean's older cousin.

Jeanie Purrington
New Jeanie
Jeanie Purrington, famous feline actress


23 human years old
20 human years old(Three years ago)


Jelly Bean, sports, strawberry ice cream, her new life at Holly's Puppy Pound


Everything boring


Jelly Bean(Cousin)
Momo(Adopted Brother)
Violet Vanderfeller(Adopted sister)
Fifi(Adopted Sister)
Cookie and Cupcake(Adopted brother and sister)
Pamela and Pancho(Adopted siblings)
Camille, Anita, Wendy, and Glimmer(Adopted sisters)
Yuri(Agent and friend)

First Appearance

The Kittywood Caper


Jeanie is a tall, lanky American Shorthair cat with Gray fur and white feet. She wears a magenta shirt, black pants, and a green tie. She also has long, blond hair, blue eyes, and orange claws on her toes. Jeanie is the same height as Holly. After three years, Jeanie started to wear a magenta and black jumpsuit.


Jeanie is caring, diligent, and intelligent. She shows her motherly personality towards her younger cousin, Jelly Bean. She sometimes dreams of life outside acting. Her agent, Yuri, accompanies her, though Jeanie assures Yuri that she is okay by herself. Despite her aristocratic background, Jeanie is also a tomboy and loves to participate in any sport. She is also indifferent towards Dumbo. Jeanie has a crush on Ryoma. Her favorite dessert is strawberry ice cream with blueberry syrup.


Jeanie Purrington is well-known for her acting career. She is also an excellent athlete. She also masters kick-boxing after training under Gamma. Like Jelly Bean, Jeanie is very flexible, as she can do a handstand while playing the keyboard with her feet. She can also dance. Because of her acting career, Jeanie can do dangerous stunts.



Jeanie Purrington is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and Magic-is-cute.

Like Jelly Bean, Jeanie was born in Chicago Ridge, Illinois.

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