Jayden, formerly known as "Jayden the Jealous", was one of the members of the Devil Dog Seven.

Jayden the Jolly
"Jayden the Jolly"


25 dog years old
22 dog years old(3.1 human years old)


Collecting Novelty Items, cheerleading, salami sandwiches with mustard, orange juice, rock and roll music, his family, Tony, Beamer, Debra, comedy shows


Those who are impatient(formerly), sadness


Count Zanzibar(Former Owner)
Bartrand(Adopted Brother)
Stephanie(Adopted Sister)
Vivian(Adopted Sister)
Darius(Adopted Brother)
Ian(Adopted Brother)
Antonio(Adopted Brother)
Jackie(Best friend)
Bright Eyes(Best friend)
Tony Rigs(Owner)
Elaine(Current Owner)
TJ Rigs(Owner)
Chew Chew(Adopted Brother)
Drumstick(Adopted Brother)
July(Adopted Sister)
Tori(Adopted sister)
Momo and Violet Vanderfeller(Adopted siblings)
Denny and Zachary(sons)
Kimmy and Janice(daughters)
Saffron, Yakima, Ethan, and Victoria(Adopted siblings)


"Jayden the Jealous"(Formerly)
Devil Dog 3(Formerly)
Devil Dog Jealousy(Formerly)
The Mistrustful Miscreant(Formerly) Jay(By his younger friends)
PoundRaizer Ultramarine
Jayden the Jolly
The Cheerful Chap


The Mistrustful Miscreant: I'm Jayden the Jealous!(Formerly)
The Cheerful Chap: I'm Jayden the Jolly!
PoundRaizer Ultramarine, reporting for teamwork!

First Appearance

World Tour Part 1: Enter the Devil Dog Seven

Full Name

Jayden Angus McPherson


September 21st, 2715(original birthdate)
September 21st, 1990(current birthdate)


Jayden is a tall, skinny Shiba Inu with tan and brown fur, brown ears,  and a curly tail. Before he joined the Pound Puppies, he wore an Indigo cape, a blue shirt with the word "Envy" on it and has short, brown hair. He is a few centimeters shorter than Marcus. After he reformed, he wears an indigo shirt with black sleeves and a blue letter "J" on it, and purple shorts. When dressing up as PoundRaizer Ultramarine, he wears an Indigo helmet with a blue vizor, an indigo shirt with the word "teamwork" on it, and black shorts.

Three years later, his hair started to grow longer. Jayden also started wearing a purple jacket and grew tufts on his cheeks. During the summer, Jayden wears an indigo sleeveless shirt and purple swimming trunks. When he goes to sleep, he wears an indigo short-sleeve pajama shirt and blue pants. When he goes to the dojo, he wears an indigo karate uniform with a blue "J" on it. When he was a puppy, he wore an indigo shirt, a red baseball cap and a plaid kilt.


Before the Devil Dog Seven has been disbanded, Jayden was easily mistrustful. He was also jealous, pessimistic, sarcastic, and calculated. He has a hobby of collecting novelty items and artifacts. Jayden didn't trust anyone, even his comrades. He also had a strong dislike against others who are impatient or care-free. Jayden used to take pleasure in provoking his enemies by taunting them, but he won't hesitate to berate his opponents for being weak or when an opponent asks for assistance, in which his opponents viewed him as highly hypocritical.

After he joined the Pound Puppies, he became supportive and a better sport. He is also good friends with Jackie. Jayden became more cheerful, friendly, compassionate and looks up to Bright Eyes as a teacher in it comes to cheerleading. Jayden doesn't mind Dumbo or his stupidity. Jayden has a special bond with  Elaine. He speaks with a Scottish accent, which he inherits from Beamer. He fell in love with Debra that he eventually married her and had four puppies. He loves his wife and puppies.

His favorite foods are salami sandwiches with mustard and orange juice. His favorite type of music is rock and roll music from the 1980's. His friends sometimes call him "Jay" for short. He likes to watch sitcoms from the 1960's on TV.


Jayden's Childhood

Jayden was a puppy who had a terrible childhood in an illegal animal shelter. After Jayden was free, Count Zanzibar killed the enitre staff of said animal shelter and took Jayden in his home. It was at that moment that Jayden became a member of the Devil Dog Seven.

Jayden Reforms

After Count Zanzibar has been defeated, Jayden and his comrades reformed and became new members of the Pound Puppies.


Jayden is gifted with kick-boxing and kung fu after training under Count Zanzibar. He also holds a special pose when introducing himself. After he reformed, Jayden took up cheerleading.

While dressed up as PoundRaizer Ultramarine, he uses pom-poms as boxing gloves. He also serves as the team's cheerleader. Like Beamer, he can also play the bagpipes, but he can also play bongos and maracas. He sings in a tenor voice. Jayden is a graceful dancer.


Jayden is a fan made character created by CartoonLover and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Jayden was also known as "Devil Dog 3."

Jayden is the sole descendant of Beamer and Maya. He inherited Beamer's Scottish accent and Maya's good-natured personality.

Jayden was born in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom and grew up in Geneva, Switzerland. However, his peaceful life ended suddenly when he got caught and taken to an animal shelter.

Jayden's Japanese alias as a Devil Dog is "Gentaro the Green-Eyed."

His full name is Jayden Angus McPherson.

According to his age, Jayden was born on September 21st, 2715. In the present, he would have been born on September 21st, 1990.

In an alternate timeline, Jayden became a legendary Olympic athlete and superstar cheerleader on July 10th, 2617.


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