Janice is the youngest child of Jayden and Debra.

Janice 3 Years Later
"Janice, the musical pup"


5.5 dog years old
2.5 dog years old(0.4 human years old)(Three years ago)


Music, flirting with boys


People with no musical taste


Denny(Older brother)
Zachary(Older brother)
Kimmy(Older sister)



Janice three years ago

Janice is a Shiba Inu/Australian Shepherd mix with tan fur, white feet, and a bushy tail. She wears a polka dot shirt, a white skirt, and a gold bow in her hair.  She also has long, red hair, green eyes, and rosy cheeks. After three years, Janice started wearing a purple derby with a pink flower.


Janice is a talented musician. She enjoys writing and performing songs and is an avid musician and singer. Her brother Denny, a talented poet, often helps her with her song writing. She also acts very mature for her age and is somewhat flirtatious, as she apparently likes to gently tease and hit on the other young boys of the Pound, especially Andy, who sees her only as a friend. However, she's only being playful; she has no romantic interests. She looks up to TJ and Elaine as role models.

She also has a calm, groovy personality.


Janice can sing, dance and play the guitar, bass, banjo, flute, zither, piano, drums, harmonica, trumpet, maracas, kazoo, clarinet, accordion, oboe, French horn, erhu, keytar, castanets, tambourine, tuba, bassoon, xylophone, and saxophone. She is also flexible and can do a handstand while playing the bass, guitar, banjo, piano, drums, maracas, accordion, keytar, castanets, tambourine, and xylophone with her feet.


Janice is inspired by a Muppet character of the same name.

Janice is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and Disneydude15.

Her full name is Janice McPherson.

She was born on June 12th.

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