Jackie is an athletic, sports-loving dog who is a member of the Pound Puppies.

New Jackie
Jackie the Athlete


20 dog years old
17 Dog Years Old(2.4 dog years old)(Three years ago)


Cooler, exercising, playing sports, apple pie, cherry-flavored snow cones, Fifi




Cooler(Good friend)
Tony Rigs(Good friend)
Houndton, Milady, and Sawyer(Best friends)


Boring!(When someone suggests they should relax)
What's the fun in sitting around when you can go outside and play?
Come on! Let's play!


"Jason"(By Igor)


August 17th, 1995


Jackie is a Golden Retriever with light brown fur. He wears a yellow baseball cap, a green dog collar, a dark brown T-shirt, and red shorts. When Jackie removes his hat, he reveals his dark hair. Whenever he plays baseball, he wears a baseball uniform. When he plays basketball, he wears a basketball uniform. When he plays football, he wears football gear. The only time Jackie will wear sneakers is when he goes for a jog. After three years, Jackie now wears his orange baseball uniform.


Jackie is athletic. He loves playing sports and participating in games. Jackie doesn't like to be bored and says "What's the fun in sitting around doing nothing when you can go outside and play?" Jackie is good friends with the Pound Puppies, especially Cooler. Jackie doesn't mind Dumbo's stupidity and finds him amusing. Jackie loves any kind of music that makes him want to dance. His favorite past time is stretching. He also likes apple pie and cherry-flavored snow cones. Jackie also has a crush on Fifi.


Jackie is a pro when it comes to sports. He once participated in a football game and got 10 touchdowns in one game. Aside from his athleticism, he is also a talented singer and dancer. He is also an avid guitarist and sometimes jams with Tony. He is also practicing magic. He is also a talented surfer.

Jackie is ambidextrous. He bats and plays the guitar left-handed, but throws and writes right-handed. He is an expert at break-dancing.


Casual: Yellow baseball cap, brown shirt, green dog collar, and red shorts

Baseball: Red baseball cap, white baseball uniform, and black shorts.

Stretching: Blue shirt and white sweatpants.

Jogging: White shirt, black shorts, and black sneakers.

Winter Outfit: Yellow cap, brown shirt with long sleeves, black pants, and green scarf.


Jackie is a fan-made character made by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Jackie hails from San Francisco, California.

His birthday is August 17th, 1995.


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