Jackal Johnson is a fan-made one-time antagonist who was Pluto's assistant.

Jackal Johnson
Jackal Johnson
Jackal Johnson, Pluto's servant


39 dog years old


His machete, bossing the Jack Rabbit Gang around, himself


Pluto McCartney


Pluto McCartney(Former boss)
Jack Rabbit Gang(Servants)
Zodiac Dozen(Enemies)


Jackal Johnson is a tall, scrawny jackal with tan fur. He wears a black sweater, mahogany pants, a gray leather jacket, and a red derby. He also has red eyes, sharp claws on his toes, neatly comb brown hair and a bushy tail.


Jackal Johnson was loyal to his boss, Pluto McCartney, and likes to boss the Jack Rabbit Gang around. However, deep down he holds a deep hatred against Pluto. Although he is overjoyed that he is finally free of Pluto abusive ways, Jackal wasn't too pleased to hear that he now works as a farm hand for the Zodiac Dozen.  One time,  Jackal was driven into a terrifying rage to the point where he almost killed Pluto, meaning that he is not afraid to try and take down even his own boss. He speaks in a low, baritone voice with a Brooklyn accent. His favorite food is cheese pizza.


Jackal Johnson is skilled with a machete and has full responsibility over the Jack Rabbit Gang.


Jackal Johnson is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Along with the Jack Rabbit Gang, Jackal now works as a servant for the Zodiac Dozen after Pluto's defeat.

He hails from Brooklyn, New York.


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