JR Whopper(Also known as Uncle Whopper) is a one time character who appeared in Whopper Cries Uncle

J. R. Whopper
HNI 0030
J. R. Whopper and his nephew, Whopper, in Whopper Cries Uncle

Presumed Age

45 Dog Years Old(6.4 dog years old)


His nephew



Voice Actor

John Stephenson




J. R. Whopper is a retriever with khaki-colored fur and brown ears. He wears a white and red ten-gallon hat, a light green bandana, an orange vest with yellow arrow designs, and brown boots.


J. R Whopper is a friendly individual. Like Whopper, he also known to make up white lies and tall tales. JR Whopper has a strong dislike against cats because he is scared to death of cats. He tends to get emotional when Nose Marie, disgused as Scarlett O'Hairy, sang a song about him. He speaks with a Southern accent.



JR Whopper is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is a place Whopper refers occasionally in the first season of the TV Series.

JR Whopper presumably has Ailurophobia, which is why he is scared of cats.

John Stephenson, who provided the roles of JR Whopper and one of the Dog Haters, was known for providing voices in various Hanna-Barbera cartoons such as Mr. Slate in the Flintstones and various voices in "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?", as well as the voices of Dori, the Great Goblin, and Bard in the 1978 TV Special, the Hobbit, before his death on May 15th, 2015.

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