This is Itchy and Snichey if they were to join the Pound Puppies.

Itchy and Snichey(Pound Puppy Version)
Itchy and Snichey New Design
Itchy and Snichey, now guard dogs for Holly's Puppy Pound


25 dog years old(Each)


Their master, their new employer, their daughters


Injustice, intruders


Dolly(Itchy's daughter and Snichey's niece)
Molly(Snichey's daughter and Itchy's niece)
Dabney Nabbit(Owner)


What is different about Itchy and Snichey is that they now wear police uniforms and caps. Itchy has a Brooklyn accent while Snichey has a Southern accent.


Itchy and Snichey are still loyal to their owner, Dabney Nabbit. However, both Itchy and Snichey are both friendly toward the heroes. They also care about their daughters, Dolly and Molly. Itchy and Snichey are also obedient towards Marcus and Gamma.


After training under Gamma, Itchy and Snichey have mastered judo.


This is a fan-made prediction of Itchy and Snichey by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

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