Itchy and Snichey are guard dogs of Dabney Nabbit who appeared in the TV Special.

Itchy and Snichey
Itchy and Snichey
Itchy and Snichey

Presumed Ages

25 dog years old(3.6 human years old) each


Dog bones, their master, scratching


Intruders, Flack and Tubbs


Dabney Nabbit(Owner)

Voice Actors

Don Messick(Itchy)
Frank Welker(Snichey)


Itchy and Snichey are twin doberman pinschers with white, sharp teeth, round noses, and black and tan fur. Itchy has red eyes and a red collar with spikes. Snichey has yellow eyes and a yellow collar with spikes.


Itchy and Snichey are loyal to their master, Dabney Nabbit. However, like their master, their favorite past time is scratching, since they too are infested with fleas. They are also loyal to Catgut, as they are seen chasing Violet, Cooler, and Louie in the kitchen with him. They are aggresive towards intruders. When Flack and Tubbs tried to sneak in, the dogs attacked them and scared them off.


While their master made a guest starring appearance in Snowbound Pound, neither Itchy nor Snichey appeared in the TV Series, nor were they mentioned.

Don Messick, who provided the sounds for Itchy, also played Louie.

Frank Welker, who provided the sounds for Snichey, also played Howler and Catgut.

They are responsible for the loss of Tubb's pants.

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