Iris is the older sister of Puzzle.

Iris, Puzzle's older sister


4 dog years old
1 dog year old(0.1 human year old)(Three years ago)


Puzzle, Howler, Gamma


Those who try to hurt Puzzle


Puzzle(Younger brother)
Rojo, Milo, Kilo, Lolo, and Polo(Brothers)
Athena, Amanda, Alena, Adella, and Augusta(Sisters)


Iris is a Black Labrador robot with dark fur. Despite the fact that she was made after Puzzle, she actually looks older than him. She wears an oranger sweater and gray pants. She also has long, red hair and is the same height as Elaine. While Iris hasn't aged physically after three years, Iris has given longer hair and started wearing a cape.


Iris is compassionate, caring, and cheerful. She is also intelligent. She shares a special bond with Puzzle and Gamma and will comfort them when they are distressed. She is also brave and will protect Puzzle when he is in danger. Iris doesn't mind Dumbo nor his stupidity.


Like Puzzle, Iris is fire-proof and water-proof. She is also skilled with a sword and an expert on martial arts, muay thai boxing, tae kwon do, kung fu, capoeira, ninjutsu, sumo, and judo after training under Gamma. She can easily calm Gamma by giving him a back massage. She can also eat regular food. Iris can play the violin.


Iris is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Her codename is HRJ-002.

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