Ima is the descendant of Ian.

Ima, Ian's descendant


6 dog years old


Painting, drawing, chicken sandwiches, cream soda


A world without creativity


Ian, Whopper, Starburst, Naomi, Weldon, and Bonita(Ancestors)
Bjorn, Steppenwolf, Venus, Derek, Antha, Jayden Jr., Jorge, Verde, Shiawase, Yorokobi, Zara, Yai, and Ethel(Friends)

Full Name

Ima Macy Brittany Jones


December 23rd, 2264


Ima is a Pekingnese/Phalene mix with brown fur, a white muzzle, a tiny tail, and yellow feet. Ima wears a light blue dress, blue pants and an aqua green beret. She also has green eyes and short, red hair. Ima is the same height as Whopper. She sometimes wears a white scarf and sunglasses.


Since she is a descendant of Whopper, Ima is very imaginative, but tries to stay mature under the watchful eye of Derek. She usually spends her past time sketching, drawing and painting. She is also kind, but very obedient toward Derek. Her favorite food is chicken sandwiches and cream soda. She inherits Bonita's Portuguese accent and Ian's artistic side. Ima prefers to live in a creative world.


Because of her creativity, Ima is a good sketch artist, drawer and painter. She can also play the trumpet.


Ima is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Ima hails from Cincinnati, Ohio and grew up in Poundsville, Ohio.

Her full name is Ima Brittany Macy Jones.

She is the descendant of Ian and Bonita.

During her timeline, her ancestor, Ian, owns an art school for the gifted in the year 2270.

Her birthday is December 23rd, 2264.

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