Ikshan was second-in-command of the Despicable Decade and was the former leader of the Despicable Decade.

New Ikshan
"Ikshan, Kaptain Kid's beloved henchman"


30 Human years old


Kaptain Kid, money, jewels, ice cream, driving, lollipops, hot tubs


Panthera's lazy attitude


Gupta(Former Leader)
Kaptain Kid Stoneheart(Owner)
Clawfinger and Jacques(Rivals)
Danta-Panja(Adopted brother)
Panthera, Nadish, Rajit, Palash, Aamani, Asha, Jaya, Bala, and Kala(Comrades)


December 19th, 1985


Ikshan is a large, thin Bengal tiger with orange fur, orange ears, black stripes, a tan muzzle, and tan feet. He wears a dark blue overcoat, white pants, black socks with holes for his toes, and a black headband on his head. He also has a green left eye and a brown right eye. Ikshan is slighty shorter Gamma.


Ikshan is tough, sarcastic, highly intelligent, and merciless; therefore he is beloved by Kaptain Kid. He is also very greedy and adores jewels and money. Despite his dark hearted personality, Ikshan enjoys reading and shares a special bond with Kaptain Kid. Ikshan has developed rivalry with Jacques and Clawfinger, though he doesn't show it towards them. He also has a sweet tooth for ice cream and lollipops. He also enjoys driving. He gets along with Danta-Panja. He speaks in a deep, bass voice. He sees no guilt in witnessing Kaptain Kid commit various atrocities. He enjoys relaxing in hot tubs. After the death of Kaptain Kid, Ikshan went into a depression. To this day, he secretly vows revenge against the Pound Puppies and friends.


Ikshan is deadly when it comes to swordsmanship. He can also cook. Ikshan also masters karate. He has good driving skills, as he is seen driving Kaptain Kid's car, where he gives his master and his comrades a lift. He plays the cello.


Ikshan is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Ikshan was born in New Delhi, India and grew up in Moline, Illinois.

His name is Hindi for "sight".

After Kaptain Kid's death, Ikshan eventually disbanded the Despicable Decade.

His birthdate is December 19th, 1985.

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