Horatio and Irene Vanderfeller are Violet's new owners.

Horatio and Irene Vanderfeller
Horatio and Irene 3 years later
The world famous Horatio Vanderfeller and his wife, Irene


Horatio: 52 years old
49 years old(Three years ago)
Irene: 50 years old
47 years old(Three years ago)


Each other, Violet, Tony, TJ, Momo, Marcus, Elaine, May, Tim Collie, charity, being generous, Sebastian, Nana




Tony Rigs(Godson)
TJ Rigs(Godson)
Violet Vanderfeller(Pet)
Vito and Valerie Vanderfeller(Pets)
Cookie, Kintaro, Jeanie Purrington, Cupcake, Anita, Glimmer, and Jelly Bean(Pets)
Tim Collie(Pet)
Ivan and Dimitri(Pets)
Pavel and Natasha(Pets)
Ice Cap(Pet)
Phillip Vanderfeller(Horatio's brother)
Gloria Vanderfeller(Sister-in-law)
Nathan Vanderfeller(Nephew)
Rosa, Pablo, Georgia, and Amster Sebastian, Dorothy, and Nana(Servants)

First Appearance

Dinner with the Vanderfellers


Horatio and Irene Vanderfeller

Mr. and Mrs. Vanderfeller three years ago

Horatio Vanderfeller is a middle-aged man who wears a gray suit, a red shirt, mahogony pants, white gloves, black shoes with white stripes, and a top hat. He has short, dark hair, wrinkles, a round nose, and a dark mustache. Irene Vanderfeller, despite her age, looks younger than her husband. She wears an orange dress, blue pants, a pearl necklace, and red high-heels. She has blue eyes and long brown hair. They would also wear casual clothes. Horatio would wear a white vest, blue pants and brown shoes. Irene would wear an orange shirt, blue pants and red sneakers. Horatio is taller than Irene. After three years, Horatio started to become bald while Irene started wearing blue earrings.


Despite the fact that Horatio and Irene Vanderfeller are rich people, they are kind-hearted, open-minded, friendly, and generous. They also sympathize with their godchildren, Tony and TJ, because of their dark past. They have a special bond with their daughter, Elaine, her husband, Marcus, Tony, TJ, Cooler, his family, and Marcus and Tony's pets. They are both indifferent with Dumbo's stupidity. Their favorite song is "Love Machine" by the Miracles. They gladly took Violet in after her original owners moved away. Horatio and Irene are both kind toward their servants. Horatio speaks in a gruff, Scottish accent while Irene speaks in a gentle, Hungarian accent.


They are both talented dancers. In their youth, Horatio and Irene were expert martial artists and they still won't surrender to any villain without a fight. They are also good singers.


Horatio and Irene Vanderfeller are fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Irene's voice would be inspired by Eva Gabor, who was known for starring in Green Acres as well as voicing Bianca in The Rescuers and Duchess in Aristocats.

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