Puppy Pound

Holly's Puppy Pound, as seen in Season 1 of the TV Series

Holly's Puppy Pound was a pound that was featured in the first season of the Pound Puppies TV Series.


The puppy pound was first founded by Millicent Trueblood after Cooler got an idea that they should found a puppy pound. However, Millicent Trueblood died and Holly gets the puppy pound.


The pound consists of several dog houses for the Pound Puppies, the main building, and a brick wall.

Staff Members

Staff Members of Holly's Puppy Pound
HNI 0031 HNI 0019
Millicent Trueblood(Former) Holly(Current)
Pound Puppies
HNI 0078 HNI 0005 HNI 0004 HNI 0080 HNI 0081
Cooler Nose Marie Bright Eyes Whopper Howler


It is unclear what happened to Holly's Puppy Pound after Season 1.

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