Hilda and Gilda are the younger sisters of Igor and Vigor.

Hilda and Gilda
Hilda and Gilda
Hilda and Gilda, Igor and Vigor's baby sisters


2 dog years old each


Their older brothers, reading and poetry(Hilda), painting and coloring(Gilda)




Igor and Vigor(Older twin brothers)
Vladimir and Sonia(Parents)
Tony Rigs(Former Owner)
TJ Rigs(Owner)
Boris and Anna(Uncle and Aunt)


Hilda and Gilda are twin Hungarian Hound puppies with tan and brown fur. Hilda wears a light brown shirt, a gray skirt and a purple bow. Gilda wears a blue shirt, a red skirt and a green bow. They each have short, blond hair. Unlike their older brothers, they don't wear glasses. They are the same height as Whopper.


Hilda and Gilda form a special bond with their older brothers as well as their owners, Tony and TJ. Each of the twins has a caring, sweet and intelligent personality. While Hilda loves reading and poetry, Gilda loves paintings and coloring. Unlike their older brothers, Hilda and Gilda get along with each other. They can't stand fighting. Whenever they get scared, they would run to their brothers and owners for safety.


Hilda is a good poet and Gilda is a good painter and sketch artist.


Hilda and Gilda are fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

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