Hibiscus is Tumblelina's old friend from Texas.

Hibiscus 3 years later
Hibiscus, the young florist


14 dog years later
11 dog years old(Three years ago)


Flowers, Chew Chew, ice cream, strawberries with whipped cream


Chocolate ice cream


Chew Chew(Love Interest)


Hibiscus is an American Eskimo Dog with white fur and shaggy blonde hair. She wears a light blue shirt with a peach design on it and a purple skirt. She also wears glasses and has tuffs on her cheeks. She wears a blue nightgown with a purple flower on it and fuzzy purple slippers for her pajamas. After three years, Hibiscus started wearing a pink sweater and purple pants. She is smaller than Bright Eyes.


Hibiscus is sweet and fun-loving. She is also very smart and fascinated with flowers and plants. She is old friends with Tumblelina and has a crush on Chew Chew. She is also shy and easily frightened. Her favorite food is ice cream except chocolate. She finds Dumbo humorous. Like Tumblelina, she speaks with a Southern accent. She also likes to eat strawberries with whipped cream.


Hibiscus is studying horticulture and agriculture. She is also a good violin player. She can also dance and sing. Hibiscus can write poems about flowers. Her main weapon is her bo staff.


Hibiscus is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute.

Her full name is Hibiscus Flora Evergreen.

Like Tumblelina, she is from Houston, Texas.


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