Heater and Polly are the evil twin clones of Cooler and Holly.

Heater and Polly
Holly and Cooler
Heater and Polly, as seen in a remake of the TV Series


Heater: 17 Dog Years Old(2.4 human years old)
Polly: 14 years old


Working for Slaughtina, Jewelry


Sissy stuff, Cooler, and Holly




Don't mess with us or we'll mess with you.
Had Enough?


Heater wears a blue jacket, a red cap, and a red shirt. He carries a laser pistol in his jacket pocket. Polly wears a purple jumpsuit, a pink headband, black boots, and a belt. She carries a long-bladed katana in her sheath, which she carries on her back.


While Cooler and Holly are good, Heater and Polly are bad. They are loyal to their master, Slaughtina, and address her as "boss". They often bicker with each other. Neither are very bright, mainly because their intelligence weren't fully developed. Heater has poor eating habits, as he usually eats food with his feet. Despite their stupidity, Heater and Polly show no mercy towards their enemies.


Heater is skilled in marksmanship and uses his laser pistol in battles. Polly uses her katana in battles.


Heater and Polly are based on the fan-artwork "Holly and Cooler's New Look" by Kangaleo007.

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