Glimmer is a former outlaw that joined the Pound Purries.

New Glimmer
"Glimmer, Templeton's sweetheart"


42 human years old
39 Human years old(Three years ago)


Templeton, Basketball


The Stoneheart Six


Templeton Catscratch(Husband)
Theodore and Basil(Sons)
Gloria and Sybil(Daughters)
Marcus and Elaine(Owners)
Momo, Jelly Bean, Fifi, Jeanie Purrington, Anita, Pamela, Pancho, Violet Vanderfeller, Camille, Wendy, Cookie and Cupcake(Adopted brothers and sisters)


October 12th, 1973


Glimmer is a tall and slender American Shorthair cat with gray fur and bright yellow eyes. She wears a green shirt and red pants. She also has curly red hair. Glimmer is the same as Templeton. After three years, she started wearing green dress and keeps her hair in a ponytail.


Before she joined the Pound Purries, she was completly vain and mean. After she reformed, she became tomboyish and started dating Templeton. She is also good friends with Nose Marie. She has a strong dislike against the Stoneheart Six. Glimmer acts like a big sister toward Billy the Kitten and Duke. She shows great respect toward Marcus and Elaine, her owners. She is like a surrogate sister toward Momo, Cupcake, Cookie, Violet, Camille, Fifi, and Jelly Bean.


Glimmer is a good basketball player. She can also play the piccolo. She is also a good sense of hearing and can gather information for her friends. Glimmer is also an expert at judo, karate, kick-boxing, capoeira, and kung fu.



Glimmer is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute.

Glimmer hails from Olympia, Washington.

Glimmer's full name is Glimmer Lola Catscratch.

Her birthday is October 12th, 1973.

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