Ginnie is the younger sister of Wishbone.

Ginnie, doggie genie in training


1563 dog years old
1560 dog years old


Her brother, swimming, rock and roll music


Those who have no responsibility as a genie, Tiger Lily


Wishbone(Older brother)
Tiger Lily(Enemy)

First Appearance

I Dream of Ginnie


Ginnie is a Siberian Husky with dark fur and white paws. She wears a blue, pink, and purple striped shirt, white shorts, an orange bow, and a ring on her left toe. She also keeps her hair in a long pony tail. She also has green claws on her toes. Ginnie is the same height as Holly. After three years, Ginnie started wearing an orange beret and a yellow vest.


Ginnie is playful and friendly. She loves her older brother, Wishbone. Sometimes, she is clumsy and absent-minded. Her favorite hobby is listening to rock and roll music and swimming. Despite her absent-mindedness, she is fully aware of her responsibility as a dog genie. She is indifferent towards Dumbo. She also affectionately calls Wishbone "Wishy". Unlike her brother, Ginnie has a crush on Kojiro and eventually married him. She is good friends with Harriet.


Ginnie is a good dancer. She also play the sitar and will also do a handstand while playing the sitar with her feet. She is also a very good swimmer. Like her brother, Ginnie has a talent for granting wishes.


Ginnie is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

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