Gerald and Virginia are the biological parents of Gordon.

Gerald and Virginia
Gordon's Parents
Gerald and Virginia


Gerald: 44 dog years old(6.3 human years old)

Virginia: 42 dog years old(6 human years old)


Gordon, Captain Canine


Those who talk badly about Captain Canine




Gerald and Virgina are Dalmations with white fur that have spots all over. Gerald wears a green suit, a red tie, and purple pants. He also has white ears with black spots, a black mark on his left eye, dark hair, and a black mustache. Virginia wears a purple dress. She also has a black mark on her left eye, short, dark hair, and black ears.


Like Gordon, Gerald and Virginia are fans of Captain Canine. When Gerald was a puppy, he collected Captain Canine books starting from the first issue. Gerald and Virgina also cared very much about their son, Gordon. Gerald and Virginia don't like it when people talk badly about Captain Canine.


Gerald and Virginia are currently two of the story writers for the Captain Canine TV Series.


Gerald and Virginia are fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Their full names are Gerald Kirby and Virginia Kirby.

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