French Mice

The French Mice: Francois, Madeleine, Jacques, Michel and Louise

The French Mice are a group of five mice that work for Brittney Stoneheart.


The French Mice are a quintet of mice. Their clothing consist of black and white clothes and only three of them wear berets. They are also the size of humans thanks to one of Kaptain Kid's machines. Jacques speaks with a Brooklyn accent. Jacques has a rivalry between Clawfinger and Ikshan.


The leader of the group and the closest to Brittney is Jacques. The second-in-comand and Jacques's girlfriend is Madeleine, who is the only female member of the group. The third-in-comand is Michel. Additional members are Francois and his young brother, Louise.


Each of the mice are skilled swordsmen and good cooks. Jacques is the only mouse who drives a motorcycle.


The French Mice are a fan made group created by Magic-is-cute and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Despite the fact that most of them are dressed in French attire, none of them are actually French.

Jacques is the only mouse with an accent.

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