Frederick Q. Nichol-Bach is a petnapper who tried to kidnap July, but eventually ends up being one of Kaptain Kid's henchmen.


Frederick is a very tall, skinny, bald man. He waers a gray shirt, brown pants, and white shoes. He is the same height as Konrad Stoneheart.


Frederick was a greedy but somewhat slow-witted man who kidnaps pets and sells them for very high prices, like July. He still tries to think up ways to steal July. He had a pet tiger named Gupta, that he stole from a zoo, to help him on his schemes to kidnap pets. Gupta is more intelligent than his master. Despite his stupidity, Frederick is easily annoyed by those who can't get his name right. Whenever someone refers to him as "Quarter-Back" or "Dime-back", he would respond by shouting "That's Nichol-Bach to you!". His stupidity eventually led him to his execution by Kaptain Kid Stoneheart three years later after he forgot to give Ikshan a birthday gift.


The only thing Frederick Q.Nichol-Bach was ever good at driving.


Fredrick Q. Nichol-Bach is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute.

He is the thirteenth fan-made character to die.

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