The Elite Eighteen is a fan-made group who will be members of the Pound Purries.


Four years ago, this group of cats have been taken in for Bio-Genetic purposes. These cats were not only granted with eternal life, but also super speed and other powers. After the laboratory they lived at closed down, the cats founded their group and later joined the Pound Purries. They are allies with the Order of the Cattails. While some of them are gifted with martial arts, a couple are gifted with magic. None of them are interested in romance. Each of them have a birthmark that represent their member number.


As their name states, this group consists of eighteen(not counting one of the twins) cats: Clement, the leader; Flynn, Veronique, Wilton, Grant, Tulip, Marcy, Mai, IQ, Hibachi, Paku Paku, Cactus Flower, Forte, Lyra, Ice Cap, Nanki Pu, Plasma and Proton, and Harriet.



The Elite Eighteen is a fan-made group created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and CartoonLover.

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