Duke is a young dog that becomes a member of the Pound Puppies.

Duke 3 years later
Duke, the shy artist


8 dog years old
5 dog years old(0.7 human years old)(Three years ago)


Yellow, Bright Eyes, Whopper, Igor, Steak, Ice Cream, Tony the Artist, peanut butter and Tricolor


Tofu, those who bully Tumblelina


Bright Eyes, Whopper, Igor, Tony the Artist, Tricolor(Best friends)


Duke is a German Shepherd/Pembroke Welsh Corgi mix with brown fur, a white muzzle and paws, brown eyes, black ears,  and a black stub tail. He wears a yellow shirt with a red star on it and brown pants. After three years, Duke started wearing red gloves, white socks with holes for his toes and a blue beret. He is the same height as Bright Eyes.


Duke is a clumsy, nice, and generous puppy. He is best friends with Whopper and Igor. He is very creative and enjoys writing stories in his notebook. His favorite color is yellow and his favorite foods are peanut butter, steak, and ice cream. He idolizes Tony the Artist, Bright Eyes, and Tricolor because of their creativity. Duke is shy around girls. He is also easily annoyed by Dumbo's stupidity. His least favorite food is tofu. Whenever someone criticizes Tumblelina's clumsiness, he'll go to her defense. Duke speaks with a Brooklyn accent.


He is a good sketch artist.


Duke is a fan made character created by Magic-is-Cute.

He hails from New York, New York.


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