Drumstick is a a fan-made character who is the daredevil of the Pound Puppies.

New Drumstick
Drumstick's appearance


15 dog years old
12 dog years old(1.7 human years old)


Adventures, Lassie, tangerine ice cream


Katrina Stoneheart


Katrina Stoneheart(enemy)
Cooler(Best friend)
Chew Chew(Brother)
July(Adopted Sister)
Bartrand(Adopted brother)
Stephanie(Adopted sister)
Vivian(Adopted sister)
Darius(Adopted brother)
Ian(Adopted brother)
Jayden(Adopted brother)
Antonio(Adopted brother)
Tony Rigs(Owner)
TJ Rigs(Owner)
Tori(Adopted sister)
Lassie McTerrier(Girlfriend)
Salem(Best friend)
Yakima, Yannis, Yuki, and Yai(Descendants)
Pavel and Natasha(Godparents)


Daredevil Drumstick, Drummy(By his younger friends:

Full Name

Drumstick Winford


March 18th, 2000


Drumstick is a Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix with black fur, tan ears, a tan tail, a brown muzzle and brown eyes. He wears a green sweater. He is the same height as Cooler and is five hours older than Chew Chew. Unlike Chew Chew, Drumstick does not have tufts on his cheeks. After three years, Drumstick started wearing a green jumpsuit and white gloves.


Drumstick is fun-loving, adventurous, and daring. He is good friends with the Pound Puppies, especially Cooler. He also cares about his brother, Chew-Chew, and July. He has a strong dislike against Katrina Stoneheart. Sometimes, he is also mischievious, giving Igor a buddy and assistant for his pranks. He is best friends with Cooler, Jackie, and Momo. Sometimes, he is calm, collected, and laid-back. Despite that, Drumstick is easily annoyed by Dumbo's stupidity. He is also overprotective for Chew Chew, Ian, and July. He shares a special bond with Chew Chew and Tony. He is in love with Lassie McTerrier and will do anything to protect her. He is usually called "Drummy" by his younger friends. Like Chew Chew, Drumstick is close to his godparents, Pavel and Natasha. He is slightly realistic when it comes to opinions. His favorite dessert is tangerine ice cream.


Drumstick is the kind of puppy who does his own stunts. He is also flexible. He can do a handstand while juggling balls with his feet and play the piano with one hand. He can also play the guitar.


Drumstick is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Like Chew Chew, Drumstick hails from Terra Haute, Indiana. Their parents came from Chesterfield, England. Drumstick doesn't inherit his parents' accents.

His full name is Drumstick Winford.

His birthday is March 18th, 2000.


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