Dr. Simon
HNI 0088
Dr. Simon seen in Whopper Gets the Point

Presumed Age

48 Years Old


Animals, Holly, Pound Puppies


Katrina Stoneheart


Holly (Good Friend)
Pound Puppies (Good friends)

Voice Actress

Bever-Leigh Banfield

First Appearance

Episode 14: Whopper Gets the Point/The Bird Dog

Latest Appearance

Episode 23: Bright Lights, Bright Eyes/Dog and Caterpillar

Dr. Simon is a recurring character who appeared in two episodes of Season 2.


Dr. Simon is an African American woman who has short black hair. She is usually seen wearing an Aquamarine coat with a teal bow-tie, a red dress, and red shoes. She also wears red lipstick and yellow glasses. Her appearance changed in Bright Lights, Bright Eyes when she has an afro and wore white glasses.


Dr. Simon cares a lot about animals, especially the Pound Puppies. She is also good friends with Holly. Dr. Simon doesn't like Katrina Stoneheart, though she addresses Katrina as "Ms. Stoneheart." She also shows concern for Bright Eyes when Bright Eyes got stage-fright just as she was about to perform.


Dr. Simon is a veterinarian. Like Holly, Dr. Simon also has Puppy Power, when she is seen communicating with Whopper via Puppy Power.


Veterinarian and puppy

The Vet as seen in Wagga Wagga.

Despite her second appearance as the host of the Annual Pet Talent Show, Dr. Simon is never seen again for the remainder of the TV Series.

Dr. Simon has no relationship with the Simon Family from Snowbound Pound.

Dr. Simon bears a slight resemblence to the veterinarian in the Pound Puppies Pet Care Corner segments in The Fairy Dogmother and Wagga Wagga