Devil Dog Seven

The Devil Dog Seven with their hoods.

The Devil Dog Seven is a fan-made group of dogs.


The Devil Dog Seven is a group of seven dogs hailing from the future. They were first formed by Count Zanzibar taking them from their timelines.

They also have troubled pasts and after Count Zanzibar is defeated, they reformed and joined the Pound PuppiesI in the alternate endingt They are warped back to their respective timelines.


Before they disbanded, the Devil Dog Seven consisted of seven dogs: Bartrand, Stephanie, Vivian, Darius, Ian, Jayden, and Antonio.


The Devil Dog Seven is a fan-made group created by CartoonLover and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

While Bartrand, Stephanie, and Ian were born in the United States, Jayden was born in Glasgow, Scotland; Vivian was born in Paris, France; Antonio was born in Zaragoza, Spain; and Darius was born in Budapest, Hungary.

The Devil Dog Seven were first mentioned by Kaptain Kid Stoneheart in Villains, Be Gone.


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