Desiree Murgatroyd was the commander of her rebel group from the year 9000.

Desiree Murgatroyd
Desiree Murgatroyd
Desiree, commander of the rebellion


18 years old


Her father, her friends, cold weather


Her brother


Emperor Robin Murgatroyd(Older adopted brother and enemy)
King Despard(Father)


Desiree Murgatroyd is a young woman with dark hair that has a brown shade and green eyes. She wears a red shirt with pink diamond patterns and pink sleeves, pink pants, blue heeled shoes, a purple cape, and a red derby. She is a few centimeters shorter than Dumbo.


Desiree Murgatroyd is courageous and intelligent. She cares about her friends as well as her people who have been oppressed by her older brother, Robin. She even has an intense hatred against her brother after Robin killed their father. She is also not afraid to lash out against those who wrong her friends. Desiree enjoys sub-zero temperatures mainly because she is seventy-eight percent cybernetic. After the death of her brother, the courses of history were changed and Desiree was able to see her father once again.


Desiree Murgatroyd is skilled in swordsmanship and martial arts. She also has intense agility. Since she is a cyborg, like Gamma, she can withstand extreme temperatures.


Desiree Murgatroyd is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

She is Gamma's descendant.

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