Debra is a girl dog who is Jayden's wife.

New Debra
"Debra, Jayden's wife"


25 dog years old
22 dog years old(3.1 human years old)(Three years ago)


Scrounger(formerly), Jayden, writing and drawing, cooking food, singing, cheerleading, her puppies


Cold, snowy days


Tony Rigs(Owner)
Bartrand, Stephanie, Vivian, Darius, Ian, Antonio, Ethan, Yakima, Victoria, and Kanashimi(Adopted siblings)
Denny and Zachary(Sons)
Kimmy and Janice(Daughters)

Full name

Debra Camille McPherson


June 12th, 1990


Debra is a miniature Austrailian Sheperd with black fur, white paws, tufts on her cheeks, and half lopped ears. She wears a pink shirt with a purple star and black pants. She also has green eyes and light brown hair. She keeps her hair in a ponytail. She is the same height as Cooler. After three years, Debra started wearing a bright purple skirt.


Debra is kind, compassionate, adoring, and intelligent. She is good friends with Scrounger, Tony, TJ, Elaine, and Faith. She is also absent-minded. For example, she used to have a crush on Scrounger. However, she soon realized that Scrounger isn't interested in romance and later dated Jayden. Her favorite hobby is drawing and writing. She finds Dumbo funny. Debra loves to cook and help out in the kitchen. She also likes to sing. Debra hates cold and snowy days because she shivers crazily and goes to Jayden for warmth.


Debra is a good writer and artist. Debra is also a good dancer. She can also do a handstand for one hour. After training under Gamma, Debra is good at kick-boxing. She is also a good cook and singer. Like her husband, Debra can also cheerlead and usually accompanies Jayden.


Debra is a fan-made character created by Magic-is-cute and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Debra was born at Gresham, Oregon.

Her full name is Debra Camille McPherson.

Her birthdate is June 12th, 1990.


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