Darku, the genius of the Chaos Dogs


21 dog years old


His wits, steak


Pound Puppies, Neo Pound Puppies, Sharko's stupidity


Blacky (master)
Sharko (Friend)
Pound Puppies, Neo Pound Puppies (Enemies)

Draku is a member of Chaos Dogs. He also serves as an villain in the fan-made series.


Darku is a dalmatian with black/white fur. There are lots of black spots on his fur. He has the same necklace as Blacky and Sharko. His tee-shirt is purple.


Darku is the genius in the group. He is smarter than Sharko. He knows all with his knowledge in him. He loves eating steak and potatoes. He shows no remorse when Blacky attacks the innocent. He speaks with a British accent.


Darku does not much power as Blacky and Neo Pound Puppies. With his intelligence, he uses all the knowledge to know the weakness of others and it can also build new machines still powerful and also very dangerous. He also uses a knife to attack.


Darku is an original character created by Doly Carvalho.

His real name is Darwin Ames King.

He hails from Johannesburg, South Africa.


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