Danta-Panja is a tiger who was Gupta's replacement as second-in-command of the Despicable Decade.

New Danta-Panja
Danta-Panja, Kaptain Kid's biggest fan


22 years old


Kaptain Kid




Kaptain Kid Stoneheart(Master)
Ikshan(Leader and Adopted brother)
Panthera, Nadish, Rajit, Palash, Aamani, Asha, Jaya, Bala and Kala(Comrades)


March 1st, 1993


Danta-Panja is a large Bengal Tiger with orange fur, black stripes, blue eyes, a white muzzle, orange ears, long, sharp claws on his toes, and long blonde hair. He wears a red and black striped jacket, black pants, and a gray fedora. He is shorter than Marcus.


Danta-Panja is sadistic and cruel. He shows no mercy towards others and enjoys punishing them even for the slightest mistake. Danta-Panja adores Kaptain Kid for his sadisim and sarcasim. He also has a strong dislike against romance and would brutally punish anyone that show romantic interest in him. His favorite food is hamburgers. While he is cruel, he is deeply afraid of Kaptain Kid. Like Asha and Ikshan, Danta-Panja forms a special bond with Kaptain Kid. He is also good friends with Ikshan and looks up to him as an older brother. He has a habit of asking Kaptain Kid for his autograph. He speaks in a high tone, tenor voice. When there is nothing for him to do, Danta-Panja spends his time carving wooden figures. Like Ikshan, Danta-Panja was depressed after Kaptain Kid turned himself in. However, Danta-Panja holds no ill will toward the Pound Puppies and friends.


Danta-Panja is a powerful boxer and swordsman. He is also an expert at archaeology. His back-up weapon is a bottle of DM-13 and often helps Kaptain Kid make the toxic chemical.


Danta-Panja is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute.

His name is a combination of the words "Danta" and "Panja", which are hindi for "Tooth" and "Claw".

Before he joined Stoneheart Inc., he was an archaeologist.

Like Gupta, he was born in the Poundsville Zoo and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio.

After Kaptain Kid's death, he retired with Ikshan and currently lives at a farm outside Poundsville.

His birthdate is March 1st, 1993.

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