Danger on the Pacific is a fan made episode written by Magic-is-cute, Disneydude15, CartoonLover, and Rigsrigsrigs10918.


The heroes make new friends whille on a cruise, but a series of thefts occurred and the heroes fear that their new friends are behind it.


Part 1

(The heroes are seen at a dock about to board a cruise ship.)

Cooler: It was nice of you to take all of us with you for a cruise in the Pacific, Mr. V.

Mr. Vanderfeller: Well, I thought it would be nice if I take the Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, Minks, Staff Members, and Sons and Daughters of Holly's Puppy Pound with me and my wife on a cruise.

(The ship's captain walks up to greet the gang.)

Captain: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the SS Gilbert. I am Captain Sullivan. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Mrs. Vanderfeller: I'm sure we will.

(Captain Sullivan escorts the gang aboard the SS Gilbert. As soon as they arrive, a group of the ship's passengers enter.)

Captain Sullivan: Oh, allow me to introduce you to our celebrated guests.

(A man carrying a sketchbook steps forward.)

Captain Sullivan: This is Hayato Mizuyama. He is the creator of a new manga that has recently been published.

(A young female retriever steps forward.)

Captain Sullivan: This is Eliza. She is a famous dog actress.

(Two familiar faces(Jeanie and Yuri) step forward.)

Captain Sullivan: I'm sure you met Jeanie Purrington and her agent, Yuri.

(A man, his wife, seven of their sons and daughters, and a puppy step forward.)

Captain Sullivan: This is the Bundy Family: Mr. Bernard Bundy; his wife Bertha; their seven children BJ, Beatrice, Bob, Bill, Berry, Bub, and Binky; and their dog, Bobo.

(A cat and a dog wearing ninja outfits(Karate gi, fox mask, green pants, and headband) step forward.)

Captain Sullivan: This is Ryoma and his partner, Ryu. Of course, you may remember them from My Dad, the Ninja.

(A Hokkaido dog clad in samurai steps forward.)

Captain Sullivan: This is Kojiro.

(A Plott Hound puppy and American Bobtail kitten step forward.)

Captain Sullivan: And this is Bouncy and Roy. I do hope you'll all get along. Well, I must going now. Take care.

(Captain Sullivan leaves. The heroes walk up to the group of passengers. Gamma has a suspicious look on his face.)

Gamma: I don't know why, but I have a feeling that I've seen one of them before.

(Jelly Bean hugs her cousin Jeanie.)

Jelly Bean: It's been a long time, Jeanie.

(Roy notices Brezza and walks up to her.)

Roy: How do you do? My name is Roy. Roy Whiskerstein. What's yours?

Brezza: My name is Brezza.

Roy: That is a pretty name. It means breeze in italian, doesn't it?

Brezza: Yes. Do you speak italian?

Roy: Why, certainly.

(Igor and Whopper walk up to Ryoma and Ryu.)

Igor: Hey, aren't you guys from My Dad, the Ninja?

Ryoma: Yes. Yes, we are.

Whopper: That's my favorite show!

Ryu: Thank you. We are glad to hear that.

(Bouncy is seen jumping up and down with excitement.)

Shakespeare: And who be that zany puppy jumping upeth and down?

Roy: Oh, him? That's Bouncy.

Cooler: Why is he called Bouncy?

Bouncy: We're going on a cruise! We're going on a cruise! Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Roy: He's easily excited, that's why.

(Kojiro is seen singing a song while playing his kokyu. Momo, Susanoo, Tori, Marcus, Elaine, Bara, TJ, and Slushy join in and play their instruments with Kojiro.)

Roy: Well, it appears that your friends are talented musicians.

Brezza: More than talented, TJ used to be the bass player of the Rigs Brothers.

Roy: I see.

(Hayato Mizuyama walks up to Sarge and shakes hands with him.)

Sarge: Hey, I know you. You must be the creator of Ninja Dog Hachi. I love your series.

Hayato: Well, it's nice to meet a fan of my manga series.

(Shakespeare goes to Eliza.)

Shakespeare: I am very honored to meet the famous canine actress since Captain Canine.

Eliza: Well, since my first starring role in Howling in the Rain, everything is possible.

(The ship's horn goes off.)

Captain Sullivan's voice: All ashore that's going ashore!

Cooler: Well, looks like it's smooth sailing.

Tony: Yep.

(The passengers wave goodbye to the people at the dock. Later, everyone is enjoying the cruise. Cooler, Tony, Rosy, Faith, and Nose Marie are seen sunbathing. All five sigh.)

Cooler: The sun sure is warm today.

Tony: Yep. At least we won't have to do deal with Katrina Stoneheart or any of her henchmen.

(Brezza walks up to the five.)

Brezza: Roy invited me to go water skiing with him. Whould any of you like to come?

Tony: Sure.

Rosy: Ok.

Cooler: Count me in.

Nose Marie: I think I'll stay here.

Faith: Me too.

(An alarm is heard.)

Captain Sullivan's voice: Attention all passengers! A series of robberies has just been committed! Be on the lookout for anything suspicious!

Part 2

(Everyone stops what they're doing.)

Cooler: Whoa! A series of thefts on the SS Gilbert?

Nose Marie: Oh my southern fried goodness! This is terrible! I wonder who was responsible for those robberies?

(Kojiro enters.)

Kojiro: Stealing from others is inhuman. Someone has stolen my kokyu.

Brezza: What's a kokyu?

Kojiro: It's a Japanese bowing instrument.

(Bouncy enters, getting anxious.)

Bouncy: Robberies? I'm scared.

(Whopper, in a detective costume, enters.)

Whopper: By Jove, did somebody say a series of robberies? I'll get to the bottom of this or my name's not Detective Whopper!

Cooler, Kojiro, Nose Marie,, Faith, Bouncy, Brezza, Tony, and Roy: (Aside) And it sure isn't.

(Jeanie and Jelly Bean rush toward them.)

Jeanie: Someone has stolen my necklace!

(Eliza enters.)

Eliza: They stole my new dress. I just brought it yesterday.

(Gamma enters.)

Gamma: Do you know who did it?

Eliza: No.

Gamma: Hmm.... it could have been one of the passengers on this ship.

(Cavallo and Violet enter.)

Cavallo: Someone has stolen my painting!

Violet: And someone has stolen my bracelet!

(Everyone else enters, complaining and yelling. Gamma emits a lemur call to stop them.)

Gamma: Thank you. Now, instead of complaining all day, we all must find clues to see who stole whom's personal items.

Cooler: Gamma's right. We all better split into groups.

Igor: Where should we start, Cooler?

Cooler: I think we should start by asking Captain Sullivan.

(Later, the passengers are speaking to Captain Sullivan.)

Captain Sullivan: All I know is that I saw a shadow group of figures carrying a sack that was loaded with your items.

Gamma: What time did the robbery took place?

Captain Sullivan: At 11:32 am.

Gamma: Do you remember which rooms the thieves hit?

Captain Sullivan: Unfortunately, no.

Cooler: Well, I guess the splitting up begins.

(In the kitchen, Cooler, Gamma, Bouncy, Darius, Colette, and Sarge are looking for clues. Bouncy is jumping up and down.)

Bouncy: Oh boy! I love mysteries! It keeps me in suspense. It's just like in the cartoons.

Darius: Easy there, Bouncy.

Bouncy: I can't help it! I'm so excited!

(Gamma calms Bouncy by singing the first few lines of "Never Mind the Why and Wherefore" from HMS Pinafore.)

Sarge: Well, I'm amazed, Sensei Gamma.

Bouncy: How did you know that song calms me down?

Gamma: A lucky guess. Of course, I would have used the Sleeper Pinch on him, but he would dodge it. All right, now we the levity out of the way, search everywhere.

Cooler: Okie dokie.

(Sarge turns around and sees something.)

Sarge: Hold on! I think I see something!

Cooler: What is it, Sarge?

Sarge: Fingerprints.

Darius: What about footprints?

Sarge: And footprints as well. As a matter of fact, there's a lot of footprints.

Darius: And one them have paw prints.

Bouncy: Tiny paw prints, no doubt.

Cooler: Well, they don't belong to Whopper.

Bouncy: (Showing his foot) And they certainly don't belong to me. They must belong to someone else.

Darius: Yes. Maybe it was....

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