Dabney Nabbit is the dogcatcher who appeared in the TV special.

Dabney Nabbit
Nabbit, originally seen in the 1985 TV Special

Appeared in

The Pound Puppies


Watching TV, Catching Stray Dogs, Itchy and Snichey


Fleas, Dogs Getting Hurt

Presumed Age

35 Years Old


Sidney Bigelow (Boss)
Itchy and Snichey(Pets)

Voice Actor(s)

Henry Gibson (TV Special)
Frank Welker (Snowbound Pound)


Nabbit is a large and fat man. He wears a white dog-catcher's uniform with some patches on his pants. He is sometimes seen carrying a net and a whistle.


Nabbit behaves like a dog, mainly because he growls and bites when he has fleas. Nabbit is somewhat gullible, but he is loyal to Bigelow. He does his best trying to catch the Pound Puppies from escaping. He also tries to act tough. He does show remorse for the Pound Puppies like when Cooler got hit by Flack and Tubbs' van and shows relief when Cooler recovers. He is also persistant. When he is not catching puppies, his favorite hobby is watching TV.


While Dabney is not a good mechanic, he is shown to be a good driver, as he is seen driving his van in the TV special.


HNI 0033

Dabney Nabbit as the furnace repairman in Snowbound Pound

Although Nabbit never appears in the TV Series, he makes a guest starring appearance in Snowbound Pound as the persistant furnace repairman trying to fix the furnace at Holly's Puppy Pound.

Henry Gibson, who provided the voice of Nabbit in the TV Series, was known as the Head Nazi in the 1980 film, the Blues Brothers and as the voice of Wilbur in the 1972 film, Charlotte's Web before his death on September 14h, 2009.

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