DJ and Faith Bigelow are the son and daughter of Sidney Bigelow and Dr. Simon.

DJ and Faith Bigelow
DJ and Faith Bigelow
DJ and his little sister, Faith


DJ: 22 years old
19 Years Old(Three years ago)
Faith: 21 years old
18 Years Old(Three years ago)


Each other, Pound Puppies


Katrina Stoneheart and Kaptan Kid


Sidney Bigelow(Father)
Dr. Simon(Mother)
Pound Puppies(Good friends)
Tony Rigs(Faith's husband)
Catgut, Michelle, Lee, Cactus Flower, Ragdoll Dalton, and Ming(Pets)

Last Appearance

The Future Mrs. Faith Rigs(Faith's last appearance)


DJ is a young African American man wearing a green jacket with white sleeves, white pants, and black shoes. He also has short dark hair. DJ is the same height as Howard. Faith is a young woman wearing a pink sweater, gray pants, and black sneakers. She also has long, dark hair and brown eyes. Faith is taller than Holly. After three years, DJ started wearing a brown fedora while Faith keeps her hair in a ponytail.


DJ is easy-going, intelligent, and friendly. He is good friends with Cooler, TJ, Howard, Beamer, Reflex, Momo, Marcus, and Tony. Faith is compassionate and tomboyish. She has a crush on Tony. While both of them are easily annoyed by Dumbo's stupidity, Faith has some patience with Dumbo. Since they adopted Catgut and his family, Catgut and Michelle's kittens refer to DJ as "Uncle DJ" and Faith as "Auntie Faith". DJ is not interested in romance because he prefers his life without a lover.


DJ can write poems and play his guitar while Faith is an expert at playing baseball and can play the piccolo. Faith is also a good fighter and uses her baseball bat as a weapon. DJ is a good boxer and often helps his sister.


DJ and Faith are fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Faith later retired from Holly's Puppy Pound to marry Tony Rigs while DJ stayed behind.

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