Cresella, the young sister of Rover


9 dog years old


her brother, her friends, French toast sticks, bananas


Fighting, everything scary


Rover (Big Brother)
Starlia, Tokky and Steveno(Friends)

Cresella is a member of Neo Pound Puppies.  She is the sister of Rover and she is the youngest in the group. She also serves as an ally in the fan-made series.


Cresella is a Labrador Retriever/ German Shepherd mix with white fur. It looks like his brother in a feminine appearance. She has a pink heart on her right ear. Her necklace is pink, her sweater is yellow with a picture of a small heart on her and her skirt is pink.


Cresella is happy and very playful. Even at her age, she thinks life is fun because it is still young. She enjoys life and she is always cute, nice and even funny. She is a huge fan of the PoundRaizers. She likes to eat bananas and french toast sticks. She sometimes hides behind Rover for protection. Like Starlia, Cresella calls Rover "Rovy".


Cresella has powers that is unknown. In the revelation, her power is the light because of her sweater on it. But she has not used her powers in battle.



Cresella is an original character created by Doly Carvalho

Her full name is Cresella Rivera.

Like her older brother, she hails from Anaheim, California.

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