Cookie and Cupcake for two kittens who will be members of the Pound Purries.

Cookie and Cupcake
New Cookie and Cupcake
Cookie and his little sister, Cupcake


Cookie: 11 human years old
8 human years old(0.5 cat years old)(Three years ago)
Cupcake: 10 human years old
7 human years old(0.5 cat years old)(Three years ago)


Bright Eyes, Igor, Elaine


Kaptain Kid Stoneheart


Bright Eyes(Hero)
Momo, Violet Vanderfeller, Camille, Pancho, Pamela, Jeanie Purrington, Jelly Bean, Glimmer, Wendy, and Fifi(Adopted brothers and sisters) Crepe and Éclair(Parents)


Cookie is a Birman kitten with Brown and Tan fur, whiskers, sharp teeth, claws on his toes, and a bushy tail. He wears glasses, a blue jacket, a red shirt with white circle designs, and black pants. Cupcake is an American Shorthair kitten with white fur and black spots, whiskers, claws on her toes, sharp teeth, and a black-and-white striped bushy tail. She wears a light green shirt, a dark green skirt, and a blue bow. She keeps her orange hair in a Bob cut. Cookie is taller than Cupcake. After three years, Cookie wears a gray overcoat and Cupcake started to wear a green jacket.


Cookie is courageous and fun-loving while Cupcake is sweet and compassionate. They are fans of Igor and Bright Eyes. They would even wish Igor and Bright Eyes a happy wedding since they think Igor and Bright Eyes are meant for each other. They don't like Kaptain Kid Stoneheart at all. They each share a special bond with Elaine. They both find Dumbo's dim-witted antics funny.


Cookie is good at playing the violin and Cupcake can play the tambourine.


Cookie and Cupcake are fan made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Cookie and Cupcake are inspired by CartoonLover's fan artwork, Igor and Bright Eyes as Kittens.

Cookie and Cupcake were born in Davenport, Iowa.

Cookie's birthday is August 14th, 2004 and Cupcake's birthday is August 21st, 2005.


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