Cole Yowler is a former outlaw who joined the Pound Purries.

Cole Yowler
Cole Yowler, the laziest Long Claw.


16 Human years old


Sleeping, Singing


Getting up early in the morning


Tony Rigs(Friend)


Cole is slender with light brown fur and green eyes, but his eyes are never opened. He wears a yellow shirt and white pants. He also has a pink nose. He is the same height as DJ.


Cole Yowler is nice and caring, but he is lazy and the least intelligent member of the Long Claws. He is good friends with Tony and Cooler. Most of his past time consists of sleeping until someone has to wake him up. Whenever he wakes up early, Cole gets grumpy and grouchy. He also likes to sing karaoke songs. Like Gordon, he likes watching Captain Canine.


Cole is a good singer, even in his sleep.


Cole Yowler is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Along with Whiskers Earp, Cole hails from Ames, Iowa.

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