Clover is a rabbit who is the sorceress of good luck.

Clover, the rabbit sorceress of good luck


14 years old


Spreading good luck, sunbathing, reading magazines






Clover is a tall, slender rabbit with red and white fur, a buck tooth, large feet, and long ears. She wears a pink T-shirt with a green "7" design, rainbow shorts, a white headband with a four leaf clover on it, and carries a gray horseshoe on her back. She also has yellow eyes and long, blond hair. She is the same height as Elaine.


While she takes her duty as the sorceress of good luck seriously, Clover has a happy-go-lucky attitude. Since she was rescued, she is good friends with Cooler. She also had a strong dislike against Taboola due to the fact that she was imprisoned by Taboola. However, she had no intention on joining Holly's Puppy Pound nor any other division, although she wishes to see them again one day. Whenever she is not busy, her favorite past time is sunbathing and reading magazines. She is also very brave, as she is not intimidated by either Taboola nor shadow guns.


Clover is a powerful magic user, but she is very careful with her magic. She is highly flexible and can also play the lute.


Clover is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

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