Clement is a Pound Purry who is the commander of the Elite Eighteen.

New Clement
Clement, commander of the Elite Eighteen


27 human years old
24 human years old(Three years ago)


Having a normal life, his comrades, his sister, tangerine ice cream


His dark childhood


Harriet(Younger sister)
Momo and Violet Vanderfeller(Adopted brother and sister)
Marcus and Elaine(Owners)
Flynn, Veronique, Wilton, Grant, Tulip, Marcy, Mai, IQ, Hibachi, Paku Paku, Cactus Flower, Forte, Lyra, Ice Cap, Nanki Pu, Plasma, and Proton(Comrades)


November 12th, 1988

Full Name

Clement Stevenson


Elite One


Clement is a tall Oriental cat with dark fur, a white muzzle, black ears, a long tail, pink nose, and white feet. He wears a yellow Chinese jacket with a black one on it, white pants and an orange scarf. He also has yellow eyes and short, dark hair. He is the same height as TJ. After three years, Clement started wearing a golden paludamentum, which is a cloak strapped on one shoulder, and grew longer hair. He has the number one birthmark on his back.


Clement is a well-respected and kind cat who dreams of a normal life. He treats his comrades as if they were part of his family. He also gets along with his younger sister, Harriet. His favorite food is tangerine flavored ice cream and french toast.


Clement is a talented master of kung fu. His back-up weapon is his tonfa, which he conceals in his jacket pocket. He can also play the trombone.


Clement is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and CartoonLover.

Along with Harriet, Clement hails from Harbin, China.

His full name is Clement Stevenson.

His birthday is November 12th, 1988.

His codename is "Elite One."


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